Sensual Massage

This is a type of body to body massage that would be suitable for everyone, with no exception.

Classic tantra massage includes different types of techniques, including manual relaxation as well as a ‘body to body’ experience.

If you haven’t tried sensual massage before then it will be an ideal choice and here you can start your journey to the world full of excitement and relaxing pleasure.

Touching can be very light – feather-like or more expressed and prominent, making each stroke linger a little longer to make your sensations deeper and stronger. The techniques could be enlivened with soft touches of fur or a feather, spiced up with light ‘kisses’ of ice-cubes melting under my caressing hands on your flaming body or with insanely arousing aroma of the oils being rubbed into your sensitive skin with tender touches.

By choosing this option you would let yourself discover a completely new level of pleasure where I will pay attention to every single particle of your body, caressing you with my tender and soft  hands. From head to toes I will stroke your skin, helping you to relax and find yourself in the world of new sensations and pleasure. This will help you to feel uplifted and full of energy for a longer period of time so you can achieve your goals much easier.

All that makes the whole experience unearthly satisfying. Using these techniques, I will help you to relax your muscles and lead you to the world of bliss and pleasure, making your ability to feel stronger and brighter.

Sensual full body to body massage is an effective way to relax and build up a protective wall between your calm inner self and daily challenges which you will find easier to overcome after a few sessions.

A cosy and intimate atmosphere with a beautiful melody playing in the background create special feeling of being in the right place at the right time. I will use only natural oils with a combination of different aroma which will also add to creating that unique sensation.

This type of sensual massage is suitable for all – men, women and couples who search for a deeper way of relaxation and gaining some positive energy and pleasure that will last for some days.

The whole idea of Tantra massage is to bathe you in the ocean of sensual extasy and let each part of your body be enriched with pure energy, be revived and balanced, and ready to embrace and concur the world.

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Classic sensual massage 1-2-1 prices:

1h – £200
1.5h – £300
2h – £400

Classic sensual massage (for couple) prices:

1h – £400
2h – £550

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