Prostatic Sensual Massage

The benefit of this treatment cannot be compared to any other: it helps to prolong sexual intercourse, strengthen up your virility and at the same time prevents from prostatitis in addition to full relaxation of your body and soul. 

However, this sensual rectal massage is not recommended to those who has an acute prostatitis, high fever, serious medical conditions in that part of your body. 

It is necessary to consult with your doctor prior to choosing this type of treatment. 

The process consists of two parts:

1. When you arrive, I will meet you all dressed up in a head-spinning lingerie. You will have a relaxing shower and then will make yourself comfortable on a special massage table or bed.

I will start from pouring warm lightly scented oil on your body gently rubbing it into your skin helping you to relax and ready for the next stage.

2. I will be very careful and gentle touching you in your anal area and only when I am absolutely confident you are relaxed I will then start slowly and softly entering into you. If this is your first time trying this type of sensual massage I will only use my fingers. However, if you share your preferences with me I can use different toys as well. And of course you can stop any time or let me know if you want to continue with more intense. 

This sensual massage always goes with a masturbation and that will make you feel sensual pleasure and something that you haven’t tried before yet. 

Your orgasm will be sensational and unforgettable. You can then have a shower and take some time to rest.

If you desire I can use gloves or condoms for a better protection and on top of that smooth and silky latex texture will make the process feel even better.

I want you to rest assured that during this treatment I will be very careful with my moves and will not hurt you.

From the very beginning of this process you will feel a very strong sexual desire and full erection which will lead you to a higher level of pleasure. Sensual Anal Massage can be crowned with caressing touches of your penis and scrotum which will lead you to the peak of excitement.

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Prostatic sensual massage prices:

1h – £250
1.5h – £300
2h – £400

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