Sensual Massage for Couples

This Sensual Massage session (work-shop) is for Couples who want to expand their intimacy skills in relationship. And I am happy and very pleased to give a direction on options that are available for newbies and experienced tantric couples.

It can include advanced communication skills, sensual touches skills and Tantric practices to enhance your love making skills. Same time this session will involve coaching in open-minded communication, conscious sensuality and tools and techniques for relational empowerment. If appropriate, therapeutic lingam and/or yoni massage, breath work, visualisation, somatic bodywork for pleasure may also be involved.

You can both stretch your sensual boundaries to take you to higher states of unforgettable sensual desire in your happy, expanding relationship.

Sometimes sensuality can fade-away between couples and the longer they are together the harder it is to be sexually free, in fear of being embarrassed. Involving other people to your private activity does not mean you are sharing your partner, after all, it’s still you and your partner trying something new.

This fun, informative session is for couples who would like to connect more, learn more and have fun together in the process… It’s a great way to learn more about pleasuring your body’s together with me as your guide.

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Classic sensual massage for couple prices:

1 hour – £400
1.5 hours- £500
2 hours- £600

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