1. How it works?


Very easy. You can choose the session you like the most: Tantric massage session is the classic one usually lasts for 60 or 90 minutes.

2. Does the Sensual Tantra Massage session included sex act?


No. None of the sessions in Sensual Tantra Massage never going to include sex act, it’s not escort.
Sensual Tantra massage, is not sex — it’s beyond sex! It’s a healthy sensual massage and spiritual helper to your soul, body and your own sensations.

3. How long does the massage session last?


Usually duration of all sensual massage sessions is 60 minutes but you always can extend your time, extra charge will apply.

4. Do you host the place for incall in London?


Yes, I do have a place for incall. Please make your booking in advance as much as you can to make sure my available time match your desire time.

5. Do you do outcall massage sessions?


Yes, I do. You are always welcome to invite me to your hotel or upscale apartment building to dive into the world of sensual Tantra massage with me.

6. How I can make a booking?


You can send me a text on +44 (0) 7444 452 440 or what’s app,  you can also email me on or simply fill in Booking form. Calls will be answered only during my working hours. Please make sure that your phone number is not hidden as I am not answer for “Unknown” caller.  I will text you before appointment, to confirm your booking and I can also let you know an accurate time of arrival.

7. How can I pay for your session?


I would ask you to make a pre-payment of 25% of the session price to my bank account to reserve your desire time. The rest of the amount you can pay in cash on my arrival.  If you wish, you can always to make pre-payment in full for your session with transfer to my bank account.

8. Can I cancel my booking?


On the rare occasion when you do need to change or cancel a booking please contact me as soon as possible. I will always do my best to reschedule your appointment, cancellations are required 12 hours notice in advance. Otherwise, your pre-payment will be not refundable in any other way.

9. How long before do I need to make my booking?


Please, always make your booking in advance! I request that you make your booking at least a day before to ensure that I am available at your desire time. You may can get you booking on the same day as you require it, but only as long as i have a time to be at your desired location. I require notice for my out-call appointments at least 3-4 hours in advance.

10. How long it’s going to take you to come to my place?


It honestly depends where you are, the time of the day (traffic) and various other factors. In central London area, I  expect to reach you in 30-45 minutes. When I  call back to validate your booking I will let you know my expected arrival time. Please bear in mind that I do have to battle London traffic sometimes.

11. How far you can travel?


I provide sensual massage services all over the Central London, sometimes into the further North, South, East and West London but its will always depends on my schedule and time. Heathrow airport bookings charges incur an extra £70.

12. What if I had a few drinks or used drugs before my session?


I am not recommend or advise to use any drugs or drinks before the session. I reserve the right to not service clients that sound or appear overly intoxicated with alchohol or drugs. I will not provide my services to rude, arrogant people with bad manners, and especially people with poor personal hygiene. I will not accept a client if inappropriate communications occur.

13. Do you or me need to take a shower before and after session?


I am always taking a shower before and after clients. And this one depends on where the booking is taking place. If it is at your house then of course you can take a shower before and after and please let me take it too. If the booking is taking place at one of out call locations, like hotels or any other apartments, then it depends of availability of shower or bathroom.

14. Can I touch or kiss your body during the session?


I would like you to experience in full a sensuality, letting go and being entirely passive. This is much more than a sensual massage and the stirring of inner energy within you can be far more powerful if you can learn to totally go within yourself. If you have been conditioned to believe that it is important for you to reciprocate by touching or kissing me, it may be hard for you to let go of those concepts. If you feel you must touching my body, you will be allowed to do so sensitively and with respect.


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