4 Hands Massage

4 Hands Sensual Massage with me and Julia is one of the best ways of giving your body and soul exciting experience and if it’s done with four hands then the sensation is doubled which allows you to feel the whole specter of pleasure which you have not yet experienced before.

This type of treatment was known in history as one of the ways to give pleasure only to privileged people and rightfully it is called a royal massage. 

This technique is normally used as a part of sensual massage because the sensation of two pairs of hands touching you is unforgettable and allows you to completely relax and be carried away into the world of passion and desire. 

You will be treated as a member of a privileged circle where all the attention and passion of the moment are focused on you so you can feel with every touch how powerful energy fills your body.

The tenderness of the four hands touch, their synched velvety movements all over your skin will make this experience unique and special. 

The excitement of the moment and the pleasure will be coming from the featherlike and yet powerful touch. Waves of sensation will carry you away to the peak of the harmony and lust. 

Leading you slowly from one sensation to another, helping you to relax and at the same time feel desire for more pleasure and it will, of course, be generously given to you. 

Going with the flow of our rhythm and letting us take you to another level of sensation and understanding of your body you will be rewarded with unique experience available only to a special guest. 

During the 4 hands sensual massage we use aroma oils which help you to open secret doors of your imagination, feathers and iced fruits will add exiting sensation to this special experience. You will feel not only revived and full of energy after this treatment but will also fill less stressed in your daily life. 

One of us will start with massaging your toes and feet, slowly moving up, helping the energy flow evenly and smoothly, while meeting the other partner, who will join with a soothing massage of your head, neck, shoulders, carefully helping the sensation unfold and bring you to a completely different level of heavenly delight.

Nowadays our lives are so full of stress and hidden tension that sometimes only a sensual massage can help you fully restore your vital energy and make you feel emotionally and physically balanced. 

After trying this particular 4 hands massage once you will definitely be coming back for more.

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4 hands massage prices:

1h – £440
1.5h – £540
2h – £640

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