Lingam Massage

One can call a Lingam massage a cascade of sensations, when all that is happening is as incredibly beautiful and innate as the nature itself.

During the treatment you will experience soft and tender caressing of your body and its very intimate spots with a special focus on ‘lingam’ itself.

Variety of touches that can be offered through this technique will help you to experience full spectre of sensual delight as the process intends to last and let your body be engulfed by uncountable moments of excitement, while reaching the highest peaks of sensation and pleasure.

This can be an absolutely new and unexplored adventure for a man who is trying to understand his body more and to learn its ability to feel and relax, to succumb to the waves of extasy – the sensation so powerful, so bold and at the same time so pure and so entrancingly real.

To make this experience even more fascinating you would need to try and let go, leave all that is worrying you behind the door and dive into the moment, reach out to your masculine core and embrace this waterfall of sensual energy laving every inch of your body, reviving you and making you strong and full of life again.

This type of erotic massage is good for a man’s health and those who practice it say that it helps them to be more energetic, learn more about their sexual potential and makes their sexual life more exiting.

It is important not to take any alcohol or other strong psychoactive drugs and for a better sensation to have a relaxing shower before the treatment to help you to forget about the world beyond and dive into the process which lasts at least about an hour and a half.

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Lingam massage prices:

1h – £250
2h – £350

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